Thursday, 3 May 2018

May kit!!!

The may kit is out for My Creative Scrapbook... and here the pictures!

The good thing about this kit club it caters to all different types and styles of if your an album girl or a prima flowers girl there is something there for you.

Here are the pages that I made with this kit...

I have a tutorial up on the blog for May about how I made this page without an electronic die cutting machine.

Here is the page that I made using the monthly sketch. I used the circles and turned them into flowers...

and here is my final page...

Thanks for popping by. And enjoy the kits

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Back in the saddle again....

Over the last few months I have been backwards and forwards to the doctors and the hospital. Those of you who know me know that I have a lot of medical problems. These have piled up over the years one on top of each other. Every year another problem and other set of symptoms etc.

But I have recently been diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Fibromyalgia you can read about it here It would seem that all the problems I have been having for the last 14 years has been leading up to this one big problem.

So after I had re started scrapbooking last year I was asked to be on many different design teams, but after a while I realised that the pain was taking up all my time and not letting me have any time for a nothing else. Being at work made doing anything at home impossible.

But a month ago I gave up work..and the difference in me is amazing..yes the pain is still there but so much less that I can actually have sort of a life again..and while this pain is manageable I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

So when Vanessa at Papermaze asked me to come back to being on the design team a few weeks ago  I jumped at the chance. Anything to keep my days busy being stuck at home.

So I am back at Papermaze...a place I have always called home. And I can't wait!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

We will call it a craft room.....

After coming back to crafting a year ago...I have had my craft room so many different ways and each way has failed. I have had it upstairs, downstairs, in the dining name it but I am finally in a spot that I really like.
After a discussion with my dear husband we agreed that as we didn't really use the conservatory I could put all my stuff out there!

Then came more months of having it different ways and nothing really worked. But after moving bits and pieces around for months I finally have it how I like it and how it works really really well.
I create more than just scrapbooking pages so I don't call it my scrap room anymore!

Also a big disclaimer....Those of you in the UK know the company called Hobbycraft. As far as I can tell it is the same shop as Micheals in the US.... I used to work there. At Christmas time they give their staff a half price day on what you buy. That corresponded with my birthday and I managed to get a lot of supplies to use over the year. So yes...some things I have a lot of stuff of.

So without further a do I present you my CRAFT ROOM!!!
First off this is a few photos of the overall view of my room.

Okay. Lets go a section at a time. My extra desk...just incase anyone else comes to play!

This blue basket holds all my 6 by 6 paper pads. Just a note now to say I collect old tins. So you will see them all around my room. I don't just have old mouldy tins laying around!

Lets start with my first set of drawers. I dont like them looking all bland so I added deco patch paper to the fronts of them.

Inside these first ones are my decopatch glues and modpodge and my deco patch paper. set of drawers.
Inside the white drawers are glitters... as you can see I dont use them that often so I dont have many.

And inside the little material box on top is my sewing box. Before you are, yes i am a neat person and everything is always tidy.

My next set of drawers... I dont have anything in the little suitcase. I bought it to eventually make a fairyland scene in.

And in the drawers...

The little heart tubs have beads in them.

And the bottom drawers...

I then have my printer and my Cameo. All plugged in and ready to go.

Okay...Beside my table...

On the left is a set of plastic drawers. I use these to keep most of my die cuts and embellishments. They are done in colour order.

Next to that I have my bookcase.
On top is a crate that I again got from Hobbycraft. Inside holds different bits for me, hand cream, polos oh and the most important treats!!!

And onto the shelves...

Okay..onto my desk...I only keep my tools etc on my desk so they are handy. So very boring.

To the right hand side of the desk is my set of white drawers and the most important part of the room! The old brown blanket is where my cat Boris sleeps. He tends to be next to me when I am crafting. I wanted the top of the drawers to put stuff on...but Boris had other ideas.

So..onto the drawers, here is what is in each of them.

Okay...onto the next section.

The green unit you can see is a wooden cupboard that I found at the charity shop and paid £20 for it. The front was done for a children's room so I took the doors off. A very good piece of furniture that didn't cost me very much at all..

The bottom part of this unit holds a lot of stuff.

This holds mostly my polystyrene stuff...

My boxes. Some are empty all ready to be filled up, but others hold my felting bits and pieces and tissue paper.

Wooden bits and pieces...all waiting to be made into something.

All my ceramic stuff..again waiting to be made into something...I really used my half price day at Hobbycraft really well.

The section holds most of my scrapbooking paper and stickers. I really try to keep my scrapbooking stuff to a min at the moment and I am trying to plough my way through it. The plastic boxes hold all my paper and card and the wire basket hold my alphas

I have this to hold my stickers or any embellishments that have a sticky on the back.

The grey basket that you can see at the bottom hold my punches.

Onto the top of the green unit. This unit holds all my paints. section.

From the top is my felt... This is not the best way to organise it I know but until I have a better way this is it.

The next one is my washi. I got these little white trays from he pound shop. I really like them.

I also have another bin that is just full of wooden things...all waiting to be made into something.

And the last one holds my material...again not the tidiest and it bugs me that it is just jumbled up..but I dont have the space to store it separately.

I have some boxes that hold long things, so wallpaper samples, bits of wood etc. This is the part of my room that I do not like as it just looks messy, but I have yet to find a better way to store it all.

Okay...moving onto the last section.

I have a very tall bookcase filled with bits and pieces. The shelves hold my greenery and gravel. Next shelf is snow , sand pebbles shells etc.

Then there is my cart.
This holds lots of different things.

The top shelf holds my glues.

 The next holds my stamps. I dont really use stamps hence why I dont have that many.

And the bottom shelf is full of sprays etc.

Incase you were wondering...this is Ursula...I may be a tad obsessed with Unicorns. I love colour so it make sense really.

I made her a tiara around her head.

I keep all my bigger wooden things to make are stored up on the top shelf in the room.

I also have some filo stuff in a unit and a box...

Thats it.... it is not perfect. It is not beautiful, but I like it. It works for me and It is my happy place. Thanks for popping in!