Wednesday, 1 March 2017

In the kitchen cupboard....

After a while of making scrapbooking pages, I always get a bit bored and try and do something else for a while.

I have a board on Pinterest that is titled "Pretty things to make" that is where I pin all the pretty things I like other than scrapbooking pages.

I made this for my mum years ago....

It sits on the wall in her Kitchen....I am slightly obsessed with with tea cups and tea pots. I often look in shops for ones that are different.

So in my pinterest board of pretty things I have a lot of illustrations and photos of tea cups...sad I know but there you go.

So After thinking about it for far to long..I made myself sit down and make a teacup canvas that I could keep in my kitchen. This is what I came up with...

I couldn't resist the little tea bags hanging out the edge...tooooooo cute!

The little diamond on the back of the canvas are just pieces of plastic that was left over when I was making a stencil. The black on the top of the yellow cup is actually dark blue.

Because there is always time for a cup of tea and a biscuit! Just mine are Red Bush tea and wheat free biscuits!


  1. Hi Wendy, it was so lovely to come across one of your new scrapbook pages on and to follow to your new blog. I was a fan of your style all those years ago when your little boy was....well little! So great that you have decided to scrap again and I look forward to receiving your posts through my email. Welcome back!

  2. So beautiful. It fills my heart with joy to see you being creative again in the scrapbooking world. I am still your number 1 fan.

  3. I love this! So creative.