Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Out in the garden...

Not scrapbooking for a while left a huge creative hole in my life. After a while I began to get the creative itch to be creative but didn't really want to start scrapbooking again.

After a while I started to look at paintings on the internet. I can't draw. I used to be an art teacher in a primary school. Now children are very easily pleased so my limited drawing skills were not a problem!!! ha!

But I really want to try some painting, but one that didn't require me to be able to draw. I came upon two artist. One called Yvonne Coomber. Now...wow...I wish I could see one of her paintings in person. They must be amazing. I would have bought a painting of hers but I just can't afford one. £2000 price tag is just out of my price range.

And another artists work that I love is a lady called Anna Perlin. She was a contestant on 'Landscape artist of the year' I found her page on Facebook. She adds lots of material to her paintings which just makes them stand out.

I took inspiration from both of them and have been making my own paintings. Nowhere near as gorgeous and wonderful as theres. But hey...I can splatter painting onto a canvas without any skill!!!! Though my husband was not happy about all the green paint all the way up the wall!.

This now sits above my bed and it makes me smile every single day. 

I love colour. And this just shines through with colour. I have my heart on creating a new one...This time I am thinking of adding some small houses to the skyline...now all I have to figure out is how to paint houses!!!!